Your generosity is making an impact!

Here’s what some of our students are saying:

Brandon – “Eleos has helped get my grades up, because they push me to my potential.”

Quay – “Eleos helps me get my work done.”

Jada – “I get more help here than if I was at school.”

Keshun – “Eleos is making an impact in my life by helping me keep up with my work.”

Key – “Eleos is cool, it better than school tho 😆.”

Cas – “Eleos has impacted me because I wouldn’t be getting my work done if I didn’t come here.”

Jamier – “Eleos has really helped me stay up and really focused cause when I’m home I’m always on my phone.”

Zy – “Y’all make sure we do our work… and y’all take good care of us. And y’all let us take a break and have fun, like when we play games at lunch!”

Thanks for helping us bring structure and excitement during a challenging time!

We’re so grateful for the many ways you support the students we serve – whether through regular giving, volunteering, providing a meal, or helping with an art project. You all have made ministry possible during this challenging season. Thank you! May the Lord bless you during this Thanksgiving season!