Our team has been working hard to prepare an unforgettable Summer experience for the amazing students God has brought to our program. Many of us grew up looking forward to the Summer because we knew we could expect a season of no school (duh), family vacations, and awesome experiences.

But that’s not the story of every student. For some, the Summer doesn’t come packaged with family trips to the beach, or daily strolls to the local swimming pool. Sadly, some students don’t look forward to the Summer at all. Those are the students we long to stand in the gap for. And because of your generosity we can. We’ve planned field trips, camp experiences, swimming trips, ice-cream runs, art camps, weekly basketball opportunities, and weekly outdoor adventure trips (thanks to our sister ministry GOAT). And all of this is offered at no cost to our students! (100% of our students are coming from Nicholtown).

We hope that the 40+ students signed up for Eleos this summer will have an unforgettable summer, filled with life-changing experiences – thanks to your regular, faithful, giving! Thank you so much!

Summer Intern Update

In our last Newsletter we mentioned a financial need we had to fund our internship program for the Summer. Well… thanks to a generous grant from the Jolley Foundation, and the generosity of several individuals who responded to that call, we were able to hire 5 Summer interns (2 more than we expected)! We can’t wait for you to meet them! (We’ll be doing profiles on each Intern throughout the summer).

As we mentioned, a large portion of our internship program (3 hours each week) will be dedicated to the personal, spiritual, and professional development of our interns. We will concentrate on the practical side of their professional growth through goal setting, financial planning, resume building, and strengths assessments. They’ll also experience a significant investment from our team, towards their emotional, and spiritual growth. They’ll receive counseling resources, addressing trauma, and unpacking their family of origin through group counseling workshops. They’ll participate in a Bible study, and take a closer look at the Gospel’s power to heal internal wounds, reconcile relationships, and transform their future.

We believe God has much in store for our Interns, and we’re asking that you would join us in praying for their growth, both professionally, and personally!

Here’s how you can pray:

  1. Would you pray that God’s love would be seen and embraced by students this Summer. More than anything in the world, we want God’s life-changing love to be experienced and embraced by the students we serve. Would you join us in praying that we would see students embrace God’s love this Summer?
  2. Would you pray for our Interns? Each of our interns is a member of the Nicholtown community. Two are former students, two are current students and one is a neighbor in his twenties. We are praying that God would use this Summer to impact their lives in a powerful way.
  3. Would you pray for our staff? Grace, and EJ are taking on a huge mission this Summer, and we’re praying that God will fill them up as they pour themselves out. Pray specifically against compassion fatigue, and pray that they will minister with a deep joy, anchored in God’s unending love.

I don’t know where we would be without you. Thank you so much for your faithful support. Your generosity keeps our ministry going. If you haven’t yet joined our monthly support team, would you please consider doing so? Monthly giving allows us to budget best for our programs and it reduces my heartburn as I fundraise 😉 We love you and we’re thankful for you!