After School

We desire to serve and equip every student through our after school program. We used to concentrate more heavily on after school tutoring, but throughout the Fall, we realized a growing need to expand our program to include more holistic opportunities. To provide these opportunities, we now take monthly field trips. In January, we went to see the film Just Mercy and attended a related panel discussion led by African American attorneys. Last month (February), we went on a college tour, which was followed by a play entitled “One Voice, a Black History Narrative.” This month we will be taking a field trip to the YMCA to learn about their scholarship program and all of the opportunities they offer in our backyard! We’ve also added a nine-week job-readiness course that we call “Powered for Life” (more on that later). Along the way, we’ve even built in a daily rhythm for Bible discussions and Q&A time centered on the deeper questions of life and faith. And yes, we still tutor—because, at the end of the day, it’s still a big deal.

Grace Bridger, our Program Director, has been a God-send who has made these dreams a reality. Through her leadership, and the incredible sacrifice of countless mentors, our program has more than doubled in size—and consistency! God has given us so many opportunities to influence the lives of students from our community. We’re seeing the fruit from that through authentic friendships and plenty of wonderful conversations. Our greatest desire for our After School program is that we would be able to create the kind of environment where students can know they are loved and accepted by their peers, their mentors, and their God. We’re slowly beginning to see that kind of environment form. It’s not easy, but nothing worth pursuing ever is, right? Slow movement in the right direction, one step at a time. That’s our goal. Sounds a lot like the Kingdom…


Powered For Life:

Powered for Life is a nine-week course covering resume building, application writing, interview skills, workplace etiquette, and future planning. Much of the curriculum concentrates on the soft skills necessary to gain and keep a job. Do you know what the best part is? The course ends with a job fair where students are given a great opportunity to find employment for the Summer!

We’re raising funds to build a Creative Arts Center at Eleos!

Countless studies have revealed the healing power of art, especially for those suffering the painful effects of trauma. In fact, research done through Oxford University has recently shown the importance of art on the regeneration and development of local communities. We’re discovering more and more just how powerful art can be in bringing healing to both individuals and communities.

Those findings fit right in with our work at Eleos. We are serving a community that suffers from the deep wounds of trauma, and it’s our desire to serve and love our neighbors in a way that brings about both individual and community-wide healing. That’s where art comes in.

We are renovating a vacant space at the Eleos Co-Op, turning it into a creative arts center for our neighbors. This will allow our neighbors to express themselves creatively, discover new hobbies, and find healing along the way. The Creative Arts Center will provide opportunities to draw, paint, make pottery, print t-shirts, and discover digital art mediums like graphic design and audio production. The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are endless as well.

The space is ready for renovations; we just need the funds to come in before we begin the work. That’s why we kicked off the 100 Buckets Fundraiser!

100 Buckets Fundraiser Update

We raised a total of $6,346 for our Creative Arts Center. We still have $13,654 to go in order to reach our goal and begin renovations! Would you consider giving towards this project at

You play an important role in the ministry of Eleos.

You might partner through prayer, giving, or serving. No matter what role you’ve played, please know you are a crucial part of our ministry. We don’t all play the same role, but, as we link arms together, the ministry moves forward. Students are being loved, equipped, and empowered for the good of their community. Thank you so much for choosing to partner with us. We ask that you prayerfully consider continuing that partnership with us into the future. There are incredible opportunities ahead, and we can’t do it without you.

Here are a few ways you can partner with us today:

  • Pray: Pray that God would awaken the hearts and minds of the students we serve to His love, and their value in His eyes.
  • Give: Would you prayerfully consider giving towards our Creative Arts Center or our general budget? As our ministry expands, our operating costs increase as well. One key way you can financially partner with us is by signing up to give on a monthly recurring basis.
  • Serve: You can serve as a mentor at either our after school center or our open gym basketball ministry. You can also sign up to bring a meal! You may not know this, but we feed roughly 100 hungry kids every. single. week! The vast majority of those meals are provided by generous Eleos supporters like you!

No matter how you choose to partner with us in the future, please know we thank God for you and we’re praying that the Lord would bless and multiply your generosity through Eleos!

Cam, Joy, and the Eleos Team