The Power of Investing in the Immeasurable

Have you ever set out to do a specific task, only to find yourself doing something entirely different after a series of small events? You go outside to cut the grass only to find the lawnmower out of gas. So, you decide to go analog and weed the garden instead. You’ll get gas and cut the lawn later. Until you don’t. Because while you were weeding, you realized you needed to harvest your tomatoes before the bugs get to them. Then, as you bring the tomatoes into the house, you see it’s a mess and remember you have friends coming over for dinner. So, you spend time cleaning up. One thing leads to another, and before you know it, you’ve forgotten about the grass. You’ll get to it eventually. Until you don’t. We’ve all been there. It’s called mission drift. We’ve all experienced it with daily tasks, but we’ve all probably experienced it on a larger scale in life as well. We set a goal at the beginning of the year—a mission we’re committed to. Until we aren’t.


Nonprofits face the same challenge, for different reasons. We see a need, and we set out to meet that need. Shortly after starting, we realize we require funding to meet the need. So, we explore funding opportunities. Before long, we find ourselves readjusting our programming to meet funding requirements. Then, as we chase the money to pursue our objectives, we slowly drift further and further away from our initial vision. Sadly, this is a story all too common among nonprofit organizations. If you’re not ruthlessly committed to your mission, mission drift sets in and you find yourself giving in to the constant tug that draws you towards the agenda of those people writing the largest checks. So, why is this such a common experience? 


There’s something in all of us that longs for a measurable return on our investment. We want to see quick, tangible results. Sometimes there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re running a tutoring center, it’s a good idea to track academic performance to see how effective your program is. But what do you do when the heart and soul of your ministry isn’t easily measured? 


At Eleos, we want to see our neighbors discover and lean into their God-given potential. We want the folks we serve to find out what it truly means to be alive in the deepest sense of the word—discovering their worth, their purpose, their gifts, their vocational calling, their neighborly responsibilities, and the list goes on. That’s the bullseye for all of our programs. Do you know what all of those things have in common? They’re all difficult (or impossible) to measure. But we are ruthlessly committed to them because we’re convinced they matter the most. 


This brings us back to the question: what do you do when the heart and soul of your ministry is hard to measure and, as a result, even harder to find funding for? Asking for a friend… 


It’s uniquely challenging to ask for financial support that goes towards a mission that can’t be measured by concrete metrics, but that’s exactly what we’re asking. We need a team of people who believe in our mission and are willing to come alongside us in regular, generous giving. We’re asking our supporters to keep the matters of the heart at the heart of their giving. God has provided an incredibly generous team of faithful givers that support the day-to-day ministry of Eleos. God has also blessed us with the ability to build relationships with our neighbors and provide programs that develop whole people and whole communities. We want to take advantage of every opportunity that comes our way, and we need your help to do it. 


Our programs are growing, and we’re beginning to feel the growing pains. When you work with the student population we work with (the bulk of our students are 15-19 years old), you face the ever-growing need for intentionally crafted programs and well-equipped volunteer teams. Keeping up with that need requires a top-notch staff team with the mental and physical bandwidth to develop creative strategies to accomplish worthwhile goals. 


We’re looking to increase our monthly support by $3,000 per month—by Christmas. Those additional funds will provide the working capital to invest much needed time, energy, and resources into our volunteer team, our programs, and our neighbors.

Here’s how you can help:             


Join our support team.
You can join at various levels ranging from $35-$500/month. (You’re welcome to give us $5 million a month if you would like. I promise we won’t stop you.)

Invite others to partner with us.
If you’re already on our support team, invite a close friend or family to join you.

Pray for us.
We don’t include this at the bottom because it’s least important. It’s at the bottom because that’s where foundations belong. No amount of funding will accomplish anything of eternal significance if God doesn’t show up and do what only He can do. Please join us in praying that God would bring about holistic life transformation and renewal in our community.