Camp Éleos has been such a blessing for everyone involved already! I genuinely missed being with our students during our time apart, and it was sweet to learn that they did as well! They would repeatedly ask me, “When can we come back to éleos??” Although this is a difficult season, this time together is definitely worth fighting for. This summer we are focused on building strong relationships with each other through smaller groups. We will do this through fun, educational, and outdoor experiences. We also always aim to show the love of Christ to each student, since we believe that it is His love that transforms us! This summer our students are most excited about their weekly GOAT trips and swim lessons! I have already seen one student learn how to ride a bike & beam with joy at the end of the day. Another student learned how to climb outdoors and said, “When I’m old enough, I want to be a GOAT intern!” And those were both in one week!! We thank the Lord for His provision during this season – it feels like such a miracle that we can have camp! Camp Éleos also wouldn’t be possible without our supporters, so we cannot thank you enough for your prayers and support during this time! We are so excited to continue to share with you the fun and growth our students will have this summer!
– Grace BridgerÉleos Program Director

First field trip – the Greenville Zoo!

That time you realize a turkey vulture could block you.

Renovation Update

Y’all have been so incredibly generous with your time, treasure and talents! We have raised almost $17,000.00 toward the renovation project (covering most of our expenses for materials and skilled labor), we have had 350+ volunteer hours donated, and many skilled tradesmen offer their services at no charge! We are reeling from God’s kindness demonstrated through the sacrifices of so many! Thank you! We are making tremendous progress and hope to complete renovations in the next few weeks. We’ll keep you updated!

As always, we couldn’t do this work without you. Please continue to keep us in your prayers. We are praying that the Lord would keep our staff and students safe from Covid-19, and we’re praying that the Spirit would work mightily in the hearts and lives of the young people we are privileged to serve and love! Blessings to you and yours!

– Cam