Thanks for helping us redeem an important season for our students.



“Camp Eleos gave me something to look forward to this summer! It was great!”

– Keante Davis (student)



“Camp Eleos provided a positive impact on both my sons. Being a single parent is hard, so having a family like Eleos helps very much. I had been trying for years to teach Zyterrious to swim, but with the help of eleos he now knows how to swim. My oldest is starting to come out of his shell due to Cam being a great mentor. Thanks for all you do Camp Eleos!”

– Maria Smith (Mother of Zi & Key)

What in the world is happening this Fall??

We are expanding our programs to meet the rapidly increasing needs brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are eager to partner with parents, and our local school system to make sure that students have the support they need to complete their online classwork and homework assignments, while providing enriching experiences to make this a semester they can look back on fondly. We have created a strategy to expand our programs, offering in-person tutoring, creative arts, outdoor adventures, and physical activities during day-time hours to replace the structure that in-person school has historically provided for our students. We will also be implementing new health and safety protocols to make sure that our facilities and programs are safe for our students and our staff.

Expanding our programs will increase our operating costs considerably. We won’t be able to utilize volunteers as much as we have in the past due to the change in time (our programs have historically taken place after 5pm, however beginning in September we will start at 8am). For this reason we need to hire 2 new part-time staff positions to help with the increased activity load. This will increase our payroll expenses 24k over the next 12 months. Fortunately, we anticipate hiring folks from our community, providing new job opportunities during a critical time.

As we have been planning for these changes, God has shown himself to be faithful once again. We received a grant last week from the Greenville Health Authority for $7,692.00! These funds will be earmarked specifically for our increased payroll expenses, which leaves us with 16k to be raised.


Our ministry work is made possible thanks to your support. We would not have been able to provide Summer programs for students in our community had it not been for your radical generosity! Seriously, you made that happen. We thank God for you!

We’re asking that you would continue supporting us through these critical times, as we seek to offer necessary opportunities to students in the midst of such challenging circumstances.

The best way you can do that right now is by signing up online to be a monthly supporter of Éleos. You can give with the click of a button, and you can choose the amount that you would like to give. It’s as easy as that. To get signed up, follow this link, or click the button below!

Thanks again for your continued support that enables us to do this important work!