The opportunities, experiences, and Gospel conversations provided for our students are all made possible through your generous support!


The Highlights


  • Our Valentine’s Day bash was a total blast!
  • We kicked off Swim Lessons at the Kroc Center!
  • Our students are leaning into their creative side in the art center!
  • We’re working on homework, and seeing grades improve.
  • We’re in a series unpacking the Gospel through discussion-based lessons.
  • We’re enjoying the delicious meals that y’all have been providing!


  • We kicked off our first ever basketball league, with close to 50 students enrolled!
  • In addition to the basketball league, we’re running a weekly open gym for students in the neighborhood.


  • We’re in the middle of a leadership Bible study, discussing what it means to lead in the way of Jesus from Mark chapter 10. This past week, the students were really engaged with our topic, and asked a number of questions about the difference between believing in God, and trusting God with your life. The Lord is at work, and we can’t wait to see what He does!

It’s that time of year again!

Eleos is seeking anyone and everyone willing to participate in the 100 Buckets challenge. Each participant will shoot 100 Buckets (free throws).

Participants will ask for pledges for every free throw they make (average pledges are $1). The goal for each participant is to accumulate as many pledges as possible and obviously sink as many free throws as possible. (Example: 65 free throws made x 12 pledges (at $1) = $780 dollars!) And do you know what the best part is? You can do this from anywhere. There are literally no restrictions. Whether you live in Greenville, New York City, or Albuquerque, you can partner with us to raise the funds we need to continue equipping and elevating next generation leaders in the Nicholtown community.

The participant free throws will be made between March 1 – March 14th at a court or gym of your choosing. Participants are asked to post a picture or even better, a time-lapse video of their free throws to their Pledge It webpage.

If you’re not much of a basketball player, feel free to pledge $1 per free throw towards someone else’s campaign!

Thank you for all your support! It’s a joy to partner with you!