Eleos is partnering with PledgeIt.org to raise $20,000.00 for the build out of our Creative Arts Center, attached to our after school center! Here’s how it works: We are seeking anyone and everyone willing to participate in the 100 Buckets challenge. Each participant will shoot 100 Buckets (free throws). Participants will ask for pledges: for every free throw made they will receive $1. The goal for each participant is to accumulate as many pledges as possible and obviously sink as many free throws as possible. (EX. 65 free throws made x 12 pledges = $780 dollars!) And do you know what the best part is? You can do this from anywhere. There are literally no restrictions. Whether you live in Anderson, Alaska, or Albuquerque, you can partner with Eleos in raising the funds we need to renovate our creative arts center, and provide a much needed outlet for the students we serve!


When and where? The participant free throws will be made between March 1 – March 7 at a court or gym of your choosing. Participants are asked to post a picture or even better, a time-lapse video, of their free throws to their PledgeIt.org webpage.”