Serving our neighbors and equipping them in their God-given potential for the good of our community





















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We whole-heartedly believe that God is at work in the world renewing all things. He’s healing each of us from the wounds we’ve experienced in life. He’s forming us into the likeness of Jesus, and he’s using us to bring healing and renewal into the world…


We stand as a witness to the generosity of countless people. God has always met our needs, and he’s done it through your generosity! The Lord continues to bless our ministry by adding to our numbers the amount of students and families we are able to serve…


It takes those who have experienced God’s love, to share God’s love. We believe all lasting life-change begins and ends with the love of God. We seek to serve our neighbors (in the love of God) and equip them in their God-given potential, through a team of volunteers who have experienced God’s love, and have a deep desire to share it with those around them…







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Anyone who knows me knows that I spend very little time watching sports. But once in a while, I wind up catching a football game on TV. Several years ago, I was watching a game and noticed players wearing pink socks and pink armbands. I thought that was strange. I...

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Summer 2020

Thanks for helping us redeem an important season for our students.     "Camp Eleos gave me something to look forward to this summer! It was great!" - Keante Davis (student)     "Camp Eleos provided a positive impact on both my sons. Being a...